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While the origin story of tapas has many different versions, almost all agree that the tradition dates from the time when alcoholic drinks were served with a wooden lid, called a “tapa”, to cover the glass. To stop lids from falling off, they were weighted down with olives or other items of food. Over time, these were replaced with ever more elaborate and original creations, evolving from a basic appetizer to a culinary art in its own right and a deep-rooted custom in bars all over the Mediterranean.

The evolution of tapas has continued at La Bodega 77, where our chef applies original cuisine philosophy to create specialty tapas. The best thing about tapas is that you can have a snack or a feast, and the menu is flexible enough to suit everybody. Regional products such as cheeses and smoked salmon are carefully selected and top-quality ingredients sourced fresh from local markets. Naturally, there’s a well-chosen wine list, too, with wines from the Mediterranean creating the perfect pairing for every dish.

We bring a piece of the Mediterranean lifestyle directly to the Uschtzer 77 shopping center located in Zürich, Switzerland.

– Dušan Konatar Founder - CEO

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La Bodega 77
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